work private life balance coaching

Work personal life coaching is my favorite as results are usually fast and often astonishing, it embraces a bit of everything: personal needs/hopes/disappointments, happy/unhappy employment, family and friends, hobbies, money, life goals in general and everyday small tasks. My work/personal life balance coaching is a highly interactive and personalized program that helps participants design an optimal mix of professional and personal priorities. My clients receive tools and resources to guide them in both creating short-term change and making long-term sustainable choices. During first sessions client we examine current situation and how it does not (and does) support their work-life balance. On following sessions we work on tools, resources and concrete exercises to make changes happen. Clients learn how to turn off stress, control fear and awfulzing thoughts, overcome setbacks, manage difficult people and emotions, improve time management, realistic scheduling and productivity, set boundaries and speak up, say no, use the most potent motivation to achieve their goals, life the fullest life with no regrets. This is when I see that clients are getting more and more engaged in changing their lives. Each solution, tool is personalized, no general tools are given. Results are seen very fast. By the end my clients are capable of finding themselves happier at work and in their personal lives. “Burn out” feeling with which they come disappears. 


I remember Rob, who is an entrepreneur and when he turned to me he worked 70 hours per week, plus he had numerous conference calls and follow-ups work during the weekends. He was married with a two kinds age 2 and 5. His goal was to spend more time with his family. He also used to play tennis regularly but he had to drop it over 2 years ago. Rob hasn’t even been out with his close circle of friends in months. Rob felt miserable and found it difficult to balance his challenging work with other things that used to bring him enjoyment. He had money to spend and no time to do it. We started our sessions by reviewing his short and long term goals. We work on number tools (time management, efficiency) and solutions (delegation, leadership skills) to ease his work. We established daily and weekly routines when his time was desired for family, we worked on planning and spending quality family time. After he experienced visible results in his work and family life we continued with planning and spending his free time. He was my client for over 5 months. Nowadays Rob doesn’t work more than 40 hours per week, three times per weeks he is going for tennis with his friends, twice for swimming with his kids (all are swimming), one evening per week he is spending just with his wife. He says that is it the happiest period in his life.