women’s leadership coaching

Are you a busy, committed entrepreneur, manager, or partner in professional services firms  who wants to grow in their formal role, leadership presence or business success? Do you want to accomplish the next level of results while including personal priorities at the same time? Are you working in a business typically occupied by man: banking energy, engineering and you don’t know how to find your way up?

My individual women’s leadership coaching is a tailored solution for busy, committed women who are business owners, managers, or partners in professional services firms who want to grow in their professional role, leadership presence or business success. They want to learn to navigate the corporate or business culture while integrating their core values into career and personal choices.

Typically woman that turn to me for leadership coaching struggle with either moving up their career ladder, having doubts about their professional decisions or are having some issues with stress and work-life-family balance. Some women come to me not knowing how to leverage their strengths to move to higher positions, some are not sure if they want to move up the corporate ladder, some are afraid of any change.

I remember Anna was a director in a new-starting department of English company in Hungary. When we met she said that on one hand she feels that she doesn’t believe in people anymore, because she felt that all people she employed are laying to her, on another hand she felt that fulfilling her responsibilities is not in line with her values. We started from looking at multiple examples then I coached Anna via different assertively techniques that helped her block negative emotions associated with employees and then we worked on adjusting company values to her own, forcing this idea to company owners and succeeding.