team coaching

My team coaching focuses on strengthening the building blocks of organization: teams. Nowadays  team performance matters more than ever. It is proved that companies that that foster a collaborative work environment are leading in the industry (Google, Microsoft, GE). There is a constant pressure on every team and team leader to improve team performance. I developed a simple process to leverage the most fundamental wisdom of leadership that gets measured and managed. I approach team coaching by diagnostic the whole team as well and its crucial members.  Team coaching start with evaluation of “where we are today” and “where we want to be”. Team will need to set goals, action plan and measurement milestones. There is a number of team coaching sessions which purpose is integrated behavior, learning new skills (often time management techniques, clear communication, team work) and taking new actions. Team coaching finishes with a review of what team learned, post-coaching measurement of performance and plan for next steps

I remember a small customer service team that supported phone complains and technical solutions for one of the leading companies producing industrial printers. During first session it really looked like team has fallen apart. I had difficulties with determining who is the leader. There was a clear pressure between team members. It came out that no one really know the scope of his/her job. In 6 sessions they managed to set basic rules: we trust, no one gossips and we follow the team contract. Their service level went from 35 to 78%