relocation coaching

Each and every day we make choices to do or not to do so many things. Naturally there are some choices that don’t  really depend from us or we don’t have to much influence on them. They range from  very important to absolutely trivial. Each choice however has an effect on our life. It makes it happier or less fulfilling, balanced or less balanced, stressed or relaxed. It is all valid argument for emigrations- especially in the situations when my client is following his/her spouse, expacts that often decide than their own country can’t provide them with enough support. Building your life in other country is full of challenges (starting from language via different culture ending on number of situations when you simply feel discriminated), often difficult with little or no support. As months are passing clients are experiencing less l and less support from their family or friends, who’s surprisingly fast got used to them not being at home. After a few years in one country moving  back looks impossible, clients feel in between two countries/worlds (not yet Hungarian, but not German/English/Dutch/Polish anymore).

Talented ex-pats and immigrants with local education and experience, university grads need to find a job, often start from taking a position much under their qualifications. Relocation coaching will teach you how to make those choices that will create happy, fulfilling and balanced life. During our coaching sessions we will target techniques that drive my clients out from: unemployment, under-employment or unhappy employment; unhappy migration, different culture acceptation without losing your identity, learn how to dealing with discrimination.

I approach relocation coaching as a discipline comprised of two tracks: coaching and counseling.  My goal is to support people in making the right decisions about their future (what job to take, to stay home with children, move back, continue in the country client is now or move forward, then how to develop, how to get promoted) as well as offer various consultations: feedback on CV, cover letter, job applications, job interview, Linkedin, Pinterest and job specific portal social accounts- in order to meet clients goal

During relocation coaching session we address finding you new friends in the country you are in now, building your network necessary to live comfortably (doctors, engineers, specialists etc).

Relocation coaching is always solution-oriented. During our sessions my clients will see what concrete steps they can take to achieve their objectives. Counseling is process driven— I check with the client if there are any behavioral, emotional or psychological issues that could be impeding a person’s desired goals.