public speaking coaching

I approach public speaking coaching as a discipline comprised of two tracks: public speaking techniques that include videotaping, massage talking points, managing body language, providing all the best practices and public speaking presence to connect with and inspire others.

Practicing public speaking techniques feedbacks on client style and mannerisms. Client usually find out if he/she is doing anything that’s overly distracting. I help to practice clear speaking itself, preparing good presentations (if those are needed for the speech) followed by good body language (don’t pace too much, walk more, gesture bigger/smaller etc.). Public speaking coaching usual starts with preparation for particular speech, but once client learns speaking techniques that are in synchronization with his/her personality they will be able to present anything, anytime, and will look very professional.

Second part of my public speaking coaching is dedicated to higher level managers, CEOs of medium and big companies, who are no longer training to be perfect orators who can mesmerize a room. I help those clients to develop presence to connect with and inspire others, to build trust and credibility, and be clear and energetic. It is coaching dedicated for clients that want their seat at the table to count. This type of presence does not come from perfect, robotic gestures and words with lyrical cadence. It’s the type of presentation ability that propels careers and builds followership that comes from the inside out. Presence comes from developing intentionality and making individual connections, often by showing client passion and expertise for their topic.

I remember Natalie, who is a manager in one of well-known pharmaceutical company, and manages a team of 5 people. She was delegated to give a speech at one of the world top conferences. She was scared, panicked, paralyzed! We had 2 weeks to prepare her before she was leaving for the conference. I started from working on correct presentation, then we had few sessions with notes, video recordings, correcting body language. We agreed to leave certain personal characteristics (big gestures) to keep presentation authentically. After 5 sessions Natalie speech was professional, natural, funny, engaging. She was no longer afraid to talk in front of over 500 people. We met after she came back from US and she introduced me to her future husband- but that is a separate story…