parental coaching

Purpose of my parental coaching is to cultivate a better relationship with your children. Because each family is different I need to give customized support and advice based on each individual family needs. I mostly address issues such as:  problems with day and night routines and transitions, power struggles, parental anger, discipline, dressing/easing challenges, homework challenges, chores and general “disrespectful” behavior. Lots of parents struggle with raising children and after a while are completely physically and mentally exhausted. In each session I assists parent in creating parenting plans and then support them as they/one of the parents practice this plan. Because children and families are usually complex, I often help as challenges arise. I experienced that my clients come to parenting coaching when they feel that what they are doing isn’t working, but they don’t know what else to do; they have the same conversation over and over with your partner, they are often angry, worried, very stressed and most of all- guilty; they feel unsupported, unheard and confused about parenting; they have stacks of parenting books and no clue how to start, because they feel that it is not going to work with their child.

Most of my clients don’t need more than 6-8 appointments, each lasting about 1 hour and we do it via skype as it is easier to find a proper time, no travel (additional baby-sitter for children needed). Sessions are scheduled 10 days apart to give my client time to use the tools we have discussed, although if you feel you need more appointment we can schedule more. You can invite your spouse, life partner, grandparents or over babysitter to our session 

I remember Kriszti who was completely down when she finally turned to me. Her first sentences were: I already complained to everyone, starting from my family and friends, ending on strangers at school or in the park. I told my husband I can’t do it, I am tired, at last 10 times, nothing has changed! Nothing helps, no one helps me, I can’t do it anymore!!!” Start wasn’t easy and we had to wait over 2 weeks for first results, but Kriszti very fast learned how to proactively determine and solve complicated situations  before they arise to a problem level. She understood the roots of inappropriate behavior in her children and husband, she learned and practiced how to prevent those. Our coaching sessions continued for 6 months and after this time she finally started to feel more in-control and believed in her parenting skills.