career coaching

I approach career coaching as a discipline comprised of two tracks: coaching and counseling.  My goal is to support people in making the right decisions about their careers (what job to take, how to develop, how to get promoted) as well as offer various consultations: feedback on CV, cover letter, job applications, job interview, Linkedin, Pinterest and job specific portal social accounts- in order to meet clients goal.

Career coaching is an approach that is more solution-oriented. It involves reviewing particular steps that need to be taken in order to achieve the client goal. Counseling is process driven— I will verify with the client what are the obstacles (emotional, behavioral or/and psychological) that are stopping my client from achieving desired goal. 

First session start with clients assessing their current professional situations, move to desired positions and basic skills estimation needed to achieve those. During the coaching sessions clients always gain higher level of curiosity, compassion, honesty and even empathy in current position first, and then they usually change to desired position or goal really fast. 

It usually takes about 4 to 8 hours of coaching & counseling for the typical client to get the clear picture of their desired positions, steps to take to get there till processes of applying, interviewing and achieving the position finished.

I should also add that I had instances where it came out during first coaching sessions that desired goals are not sth client ever wanted and are expected for him/her to achieve by closest family/friends or colleagues.

I also remember Ann, who couldn’t break the pattern of just submitting resumes to online job postings. After some prodding, she admitted that she things that the jobs she is applying for need prior networking and she said she was to shy and scared of rejection to do it. We worked on developing self confidence necessary for basic networking and today she is a happy online marketing manager.

I remember Mark, who after 3 sessions knew that what he really wants is completely different from what he is expected to be. Thanks to my career coaching he followed his own desires and nowadays he is happy and very successful web designer not unhappy and stressed project manager.