motherhood coaching

Becoming a mother is a huge life transition which is often underestimated in our society. However longed-for, planned and loved your child may be, you may still experience “babyshock” as the reality of motherhood and a new role in life sinks in. So many mothers have said “this is not how I imagined it to be”. Very often if you don’t come back to work fast enough, there will be repercussions for your career. Relationships change – with your family, your partner and friends – some positively, some negatively. And some women feel lost – wondering where the person they once were has gone?

Motherhood coaching will be valuable in re-establishing your identity and helping you work out what you do want your life to be as a mother. It can put you in control of the changes that are happening in your life and enable you to move forward, happy with the steps you have taken and the decisions you can make. Motherhood coaching can also be helpful when you are evaluating your options in terms of work at the end of your maternity leave, or maybe after the birth of a subsequent child when your work choices may be changing. During the coaching sessions you can confidentially explore options and discover what private/professional balance fits with your personal circumstances.

I remember Marta, who turned to me 3 months after she went back to work, it wouldn’t be exaggeration to say she was completely broken. She was very successful, extremely organized and metrics driven operations manager at a multinational company, appreciated by her bosses, her peers, her teams. Marta got pregnant by surprise at the age of 37 and decided to give a birth to Tomi, as she felt it was high time. She worked almost till delivery and promised to come back within 5.5 months after she gave a birth. For the first months after giving birth Marta was shocked by how unorganized, disturbing, noisy, demanding small human can be. She felt constantly frustrated and couldn’t accept life a home. She hired very qualified babysitter and she went back to work. She thought she will feel relived, but she started to feel guilty, lonely, she couldn’t find happiness in her job. She was missing her son. We started our sessions by determining what would she want her reality to be, and that actually seemed like the most difficult part. Finally Marta decided that she would like to work part time, and half of the time from home, that she needs parenting coaching to learn how to deal with a child she loves so much. Marta didn’t believe that company she works for will ever allow part time/work from home solution. We worked on raising her self- esteem, preparing an action plan, and creating a background. Nowadays Marta is completing her 3rd year working currently 6 hours per day, weekly 3 days in an office. Tomi is a wonderful small man, going to kindergarten together with his best friend Norbi.