a need for coach

When do you need a coach?

You need a coach when you agree with min 3 statements from the list below

  1. I often feel stuck and I suspect it is because of me feeling insecure or being afraid that change will bring worse
  2. Often I feel I don’t have enough clarity on what steps should I follow to achieve the results I would like
  3. I am concerned if I should start to change sth at all because deep inside I am afraid of speaking out and/or being judged
  4. I tried to coach myself in the past by using some “good for everyone practices” but I feel I need a personalized plan of action
  5. I see so many ‘but’s that I don’t believe that I should even start
  6. I tried in the past coach myself and it even worked on the beginning, but after a while get back to “old me” and long term nothing is changing
  7. I have a bunch of ideas and I neither have the time nor energy to fulfill those
  8. I feel unhappy with my life and I would like to change sth, but I have no idea what it is and how to do it.
  9. I need someone to help me with organizing my private/business life

Length and Frequency of Coaching Sessions:

Every Coaching one-on–one session lasts around 60 min.  Group coaching (up to 5 people) lasts around 90 min. Some people require 2-3 sessions per week, especially on the beginning, but after 3 weeks 1 session is usually enough. A typical coaching relationship lasts three to six months. Some clients continue throughout that time frame or ask for more frequency.

 My goals in coaching are:

  • set your personal/business goals
  • achieve balance and fulfillment
  • learn and practice time management techniques
  • learn how to deleteun conscious sabotage thinking
  • unlock stuck emotions
  • learn to find solution which are “out of the box”
  • realizevaluable perspectives in your life