online coaching

I offer both online and face-to-face coaching. For some people online is the best, for other face-to-face is a complete must. I always advice to try with the one type that seems to fit your needs, personal preferences and time you have for coaching session. Remember, first coaching session is always free not matter which you chose: online or face-to-face you can always switch to another option by next coaching session.

I always kept the rule that client is choosing whether he or she wants to go for online or face-to-face sessions, but group coaching or workshops I preferred having face to face. In April I was asked to coach online a group of 5 for work and private life balance sessions. I was a bit skeptical, but it came out perfectly both from human relation perspective and online quality connection. I decided that starting from May I will be offering once a month online group coaching sessions, my clients can choose what is their preference in that one too. I am seriously thinking of organizing one all day online workshop.


Some advantages of online coaching:

  1. EaseYou can choose to have a Skype, Google Hangouts, or even phone application (Facetime, WhatsApp) based coaching session from the place of your choosing. You get the comfort of your home, the park, or car? Client with really tight schedules don’t have to travel (lose time in traffic jams) to my office to get coaching session. You choose the environment and time that is right for you.
  2. A gentler first step – usually asking for help requires a lot of courage. It is less scary to do so online via by using this kind of application you feel comfortable with.
  3. Being anonymus – it can be easier to feel safe and open up to asking for the help you want. Connection is usually deeper and our cooperation more effective. I see that first during the first meeting my online clients  are much more open, they say clearly and logically what they want to achieve, than my face to face clients.
  4. Convenience and accessibility – you don’t have to drive to meet me. This saves you time and makes scheduling a lot easier (all you need to do is find time that’s good for you and book my time by using application below). 
  5. Much smaller stress related to appearance – when you meet someone in most cases you want to look the way you want to be accepted, judged, seen. It includes your hairstyle, makeup, clothing and body language. When we meet online all this can be limited- after all it is you who decide to have a camera on or not.
  6. Research show that online coaching is as same or more effective than traditional face to face coaching – several researches, some quoted here show that and you are free to make your own internet research on this topic.