face-to-face coaching

I offer both online and face-to-face coaching. For some people online is the best, for other face-to-face is a complete must. I always advice to try with the one type that seems to fit your needs, personal preferences and time you have for coaching session. Remember, first coaching session is always free not matter which you chose: online or face-to-face you can always switch to another option by next coaching session

Most common concerns and example solution to online based coaching versus face-to-face

  1. Issue skepticism about ability to receive the real support online. Solution is to have a free consultation with me.  Give it a try, tell me about all your questions and concerns. The initial consultation is always free and it leaves you with the possibility of a very big plus and really no minus. Just a few minutes of your life.
  2. Issue: Being physically present with your coach may help you feel more connected. Solution: I offer face-to-face coaching sessions. Schedule one session face-to-face session, and one online. Compare the two and chose what is better for you.
  3. Issue:  a number of people feel safer in physical presence of someone else when becoming emotional. Other people  can’t stand how vulnerable they feel when third person see them angry, shaking or crying (online or phone always give a chance to switch off the camera). Generally I see that my clients are more free in expression when I can’t see them, somehow not seeing themselves also help. Solution: I offer face-to-face coaching sessions. Schedule one session face-to-face session, and one online. Compare how you feel on each of them and chose what is better for you.
  4. Issue: Bads/slow online connections and all other technical problems you may face with online sessions. Solution: I have an internet connection of 1000 Mbit- fastest possible currently present on the market, it supports group online sessions without any problems. In the event when we are not able to connect, we will either switch to line or mobile phone or reschedule a meeting without being charged for the present one. Let me know if you’re having trouble hearing me and I will surely let you know if I don’t hear you properly. Please note that if you don’t have reliable online connection schedule a face to face coaching session rather than online one. 


What do research say about the effectiveness of online coaching, counseling

There have been many studies on online counseling over the past 15 years. A study from 2014 posted in the Journal of Counseling and Development proved that 93% people were more satisfied with online counseling  rather than 63%  one-on-one  counseling. People using online counseling said that they would use online counseling again if in need. the same research showed that 58% of people that experienced both online and face- to- face counseling preferred online.