business coaching

When was the last time when you did sth for the first time? Do you feel unsure about your next steps? Procrastinating? Or stuck right on the start? Want to make some changes but not sure what or how?

My business coaching will help you work out where you are now, where you want to be, what you’d like to change and how, set goals to move you forward, tackling the blocks and messages of self-doubt (we all have them) on the way, and motivate you to fulfill your potential.

I can offer you a supportive and motivating environment: a confidential, non-judgmental sounding board. I believe everyone has the knowledge, skills and resources to find their own answers if they are guided by the right questions. Business coaching is not counseling or therapy, although it is underpinned by theoretical models and techniques which originate in the psychological field.

I provide both personal coaching and business coaching – the two are often only differentiated by the context and the focus of the sessions – although business coaching may be conducted within the constraints placed on the individual or group by the organizational context

I remember Roberto, university professor who was so creative, clever and “I need to do this one too” that when he finally turned to me, he was completely exhausted, almost at the border of breaking down. We worked together for more than 6 months, first in putting his tasks into schedule based on his personal daily rhythm and preferences in order to exceed his efficiency and not miss the deadlines. Then we addressed overload by eliminating and clear targets techniques in order to reduce amount of work, but rise the amount of quality targets (instead number of targets) at the same time. Nowadays Rob is not only successful and internationally respected university professor, but also happy husband and father.