How to be more energetic throughout each day?

Here are my best tips for loosing the energy problem for everyday usage

  1. Sleep regularly – try to give yourself 7-8 hours of good sleep, put on a schedule of going to bed and getting up at regular times. Our bodies love regularities more and more as we are aging. Get up in the morning right after you wake up, don’t stay laying in bed for an hour without doing nothing
  2. Eat regularly  and eat well- always eat big breakfast and less and less with every next meal, don’t eat too many refined carbohydrates,  replace those with protein and food providing essential vitamins and minerals. Junk food and a lot of carbs give you a quick rush of energy followed by a slump… and overweight long distance
  3. Check the iron levels in your blood – easiest way to do this is to go donate blood, and ask for a free blood report
  4. Emotional fatigue- negative emotions can drain your energy.  Cut toxic friends, family members, change the job. Feeling sad, angry, depressed for a long time or dealing with conflict all the time can sap the life out of you. Positive emotions generate energy. Focus on what makes you happy and feel at peace. Stop worrying.  Surround yourself with people and situations that build you up and inspire you. Read inspiring books
  5.  Sport- you sit to much. Exercise generates energy. Regular, mild to vigorous exercise (depending on your age) is critical to overall health and energy levels. Fit people have more energy. Get off the couch and get on your bicycle, go to the gym, go for a jog!
  6. A life without purpose- there is nothing drawing out more energy from you than that. Get excited about life, your holidays, your work,your family,if you passionately pursue your goals, live to make a difference in this world and  do good to others, you will find your energy levels going up

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