Why holidays are necessary?

Do we need holidays at all? – that seems to be one of those questions not needing an answer. Is it really? Nowadays more and more successful people don’t take holidays at all, entrepreneurs believe that if they are not there to control the business nothing will happen or worse, things will fall apart. People working in the companies that are encountering a crisis like energy, manufacturing, servicing are afraid that if they take to long holidays (longer than 10 days) they won’t be asked to come back… students that just finished are starting to work without having hardly any break…. I could give much more examples…

What is the minimal time we should spend on having a rest and why holidays are important at all?  Well first of all we all- no matter what we do-  need some refreshment from our routine. Need to switch off,  get a distance, let problems just pass by, stop control everything, stop thinking, stop doing. Why? First of all you will experience sth new, sth else from your everyday routine, if you travel away you will need to open both your mind and heart for new experiences, languages, cultures, food etc You will move much more, physical exercise is very important part of human body recharging. Thanks to sun we are happier, we sleep better, our body and mind relaxes.

How long should holiday take? It depends, but I for those tired or stressed clients of mine I always recommend 3 weeks (reaction on the beginning is always: what? it is impossible). During the first week you will always thing of all current duties, problems, things to do, it is impossible to switch off during the first week. End of first week you will be able to start to switch off and actually have rest. You will start to sleep normally, enjoy simple things, slow down, have rest, enjoy. In the middle of the third week- you will feel you had enough rest, you are fresh, have distance to all the problems, can solve and do almost anything- this is the time to slowly come back to your routine. On the beginning of week four you will be the happiest, most energetic person in the office. I promise!



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