Anxiety and change

There are two things in life that are sure first and most important is the change- everything is changing all the time, sometimes slower, sometimes faster, sometimes it is a big change, and sometimes just a trivial one… but the status of change is always with us.

Why is that? Because the time is passing. 5 minutes probably doesn’t count, but w week does, doesn’t it? You will be older, gain more experience, want more, want less, be expected to do sth, take an action.

Why are we so afraid of change? Well- first and very basic is fear- not many of us would admit, but that is the most instinctive feeling that comes together and is an integral part of change. What are we so afraid of? Fear of unknown, fear of being not good enough in new situation, fear of being not in control, fear of moving out of the comfort zone, fear that the change won’t bring what’s expected, fear of failing, fear of bad. And of course there is a great load of anxiety that comes with it that doesn’t help at all.

How to embrace the whole situation? Well first of all most of changes are changes for better… I am sure you can give me 100 examples when it wasn’t a change for better, but I am also sure you could provide me with 200 examples when it was a good change- a change that improved your relationships at work, working process, contact with friends or even getting to work or summer holiday. Spend 5 minutes on thinking what positive effect it could bring. New doesn’t mean bad!

If a thought of a change paralyzes you  it is crucial that you  modify your attitude before you feel you are force to do sth your don’t feel like doing.  Think about what you really want. Comfort at all costs? The status quo? The good old days? Is sth that was good for you for 1-2 days 5 years ago would really be sth good for a period of 5 years non stop- really? What is then- how to make it everyday thing? What you need t change to achieve it?… you see change is needed even for stabilizing things…

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