How to deal with anxiety?

Anxiety- we all get to know it from time to time, right? This not nice feeling in our stomach, head or even bones. The feeling that we can’t go on, but we still do because someone is relaying on us: family member or more often a boss. How to deal with it?

  1. Take time out- very important and most commonly forgot, you need the time out, time to relax, time for yourself. Can’t switch off your brain- do some sport, yoga, running, walks- anything, practice every day for an hour- you will see the results after a week
  2. Limit alcohol because it brings the relax feeling only for an hour or two, and the toxicity it brings needs extra effort for 10-12 hours. Limit caffeine- you feel you need an extra kick because you are tired- have a rest rather, coffee can be a solution from time to time, but long term will deficit your energy even more. If you have no rest and don’t recharge- you won’t be able to finish your tasks properly even with coffee
  3. Accept that you cannot and shouldn’t control everything. What will the others do? Other make mistakes- so do you! Accept, life is to be lived with all mistake we or others do.
  4. Learn what triggers your anxiety. Is it work, driving, friend, school… whatever it is once you know you can deal with it, search for help, get over it. As long as you don’t know it will still be there…
  5. Maintain positive attitude- you will get over it, as same as you get over 1000 other things. Search for help online, friends, groups, etc You will be surprised by getting to know how many people want to help you.

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