How to deal with anxiety?

Everyday dose of anxiety and stress in our lives is really overwhelming. More and more clients come and say that they can’t deal with those levels and that drags them right into the depression or panic attacks.

What to do,  how to deal with all these. Well, most important is to prevent (so act before situation gets critical) than cure (deal with it, once critical situation arisen). How?

There is no one solution that fits all. You are all different, and individual action plan should be build for each person (if you need one schedule a free consultation with me), but there are some things that everyone can do. What are those?

  1. Take some time out from your life few hours per week, when you don’t work or think about work, clean, plan, take care of kids etc. Few hours to spend on spoiling yourself do sth that you really like
  2. Limit alcohol and caffeine. Most people start to drink before they go to bed just to relax the body. You can achieve the same with sport, alcohol and caffeine long-term just aggravate and trigger panic attacks
  3.  Accept that you can’t control everything. And that is all right. What is the point you want to save the world? Focus on thing what you can change and nothing else
  4. Talk to someone about how you feel, if not possible in person, find help online. There is number of paid (coaches, psychologists) and free solutions (forums, support groups)
  5. Learn what triggers your anxiety is it an activity or a person. Write it down once it appears and take it from there how could you prevent it apply it next time!


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