How to let go and move on

Not by accident I start with how to let go and then I mention how to move on? You wonder why? Well it is pretty simple- you can’t move on even if you don’t let go. Let go of past relationship with partner, parent, mother in law, collage at work. Let go of a pain you felt when they said or did sth.

letting go

It is not easy, but you need to be aware that letting go opens your life for new perspective- your life, not theirs. By letting go with will let in some positive emotions, vibrations that will get your life onto the next level.

You will fell better not only mentally but physically. All stomach, bone and head-aches will be gone. Your heart will finally smile and a life will smile back at you.

You will be able to move on and meet with all good and new things which are still waiting for you.

All you have to do is:

  1. Know the benefits of letting go, accept and acknowledge those.
  2.  Get to know what stops you from letting go (what are you afraid of? is it better to be miserable than risk a bit for a better life?)
  3.  Focus on what you can change in life, and leave what you cannot
  4.  Don’t wait for others to do the things for you- do those yourself
  5. Life a nicer life and let go again if necessary

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