Emotional pain- how to heal it?

Emotional pain- we all know it, right?

Someone did sth, said sth that hurt us, and even if not physically, we feel the effect for months or years. How is it possible? Why can’t we forget and move on? Why time doesn’t help to heal it?

Well, it is never easy, but worth doing


First you need to start to let go of rejection. Acknowledge emotional pain – very good method is to say what hurts you to the person that caused that. In many cases you will realized that that person didn’t do it on purpose, never wanted to hurt you at the first place.

Second- avoid thinking, and talking all the time about it, try to let it go. It happened, it is the part of your past, but not the part of your future. Don’t let it to consume too much of your time and energy

Third- is there a way you could change it to sth positive? Your boss said that you are not good enough- show him/her that it is not the truth, change job for better

Fourth- surround yourself with positive people. Let them energize you, inspire you, help you to let go and move forward

Finally- make caring for yourself a number one priority. Who will do it for you if you don’t?


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