How to use a New Year to a Fresh Start

Most of us will promise to do or to stop doing sth in 2017. Some of us will try to lose weight, some of us will try to learn new language, some will want to change a job and some get married…

fresh start, new yearUnfortunately most of people won’t succeed in their New Year’s Wish…

Why? Well… I think that most of us simply lack of motivation, some piece of control and

How to succeed?

Bet yourself!!! How? That is pretty simple.

  1. Set your goal (e.g. I will lose 5 kg)
  2. Set the date (e.g. by March 30th, 2017)
  3. Put some money aside as an award for winning or loss if you don’t succeed. It needs to be high enough so, that you care not to lose.
  4. Send an e-mail message to 3 of your friends with whom you meet every month/week informing about your goal (target, date and amount), so that they can control/ask if that happens



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