Christmas present

Most of us are now rushing a lot. Buying last presents, preparing menu list, some of us will travel for Christmas, some of us will work…

I always loved Christmas  a lot, naturally when I was a kid what was making Christmas special was waiting for presents, but even then the whole atmosphere of Christmas Eve, was so special and overwhelming that it really seemed like the most beautiful day  in the whole year. I remember us watching the first star- the sign that the Christmas Eve can start. Most of the time there was snow which made it all so magical, clean and beautiful.

All I want for Christmas is...

Now, when I am much much older it still is the most special moment of the year. I spend a lot of time for preparations- especially that the Eve is mostly at my home. Presents for me become less and less important, but now Santa is bringing presents for the new generation.

This year I could see that my husband was in trouble by not knowing what present should I get. I could see him and I could hear him- trying to figure out what do I want. Yesterday I just told him openly: all I really want is nothing that money can buy!

Sure I can have another perfume (I have at last 5), or another book of my favorite author (but I will buy it anyway when I will have time to read it).  I can always get new paint or canvas  (but I don’t feel like painting right now ) or a bag of SPA cosmetics (I still have 2 I didn’t start). You can always take me to the cinema (I am not that much into the crowd) or for a date (like every month), but the truth is I want happiness for my family and that everyone is healthy. I want us to be peaceful joyful and content. I want my parents to live in best possible condition so that we can meet on the next Christmas Eve. I want my older boy to have nice friends in new school and my small one to accept the nursery. I want my husband to look at me and still see the girl he fall in love with  over 10 years ago…

I told him all this and suggest to give me a postcard and a kiss that will make my knees shake

He was shocked, so shocked I can’t tell you…

What about you? What are your dreams you want to make come true this Christmas?

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