Destiny will find its way

Do you believe in destiny?

I was always believed that we are what we choose to be and that a human is deciding about whom she/he will become. We make our choices every day. We choose from most trivial things like what to have for breakfast to the most precious- like to have a baby or what job to do. We choose our friends, hobbies, interest, what we do in our free time.

But is it really that we decide about everything? And is what we choose always good for us? How do we know that the road we choose to follow is not the right one? How do we know that for sure? Is there a guarantee that bad mood, lack of interest and irritability is not just temporary status?


I know that it will probably sound strange, but I am the one who is old enough to say, that even I am completely down to earth person, I think that there is sth which we can call faith, destiny. I am sure you also met with people following their destiny, they have this inner strength, inner peace, even if they are not always most happy people, most successful there is such blissfulness coming out from inside of them that can’t be missed.

I am even sure that there are signs that everyone gets- signs that are suppose to stop us for a moment, have some rest, think over, make a plan, change. What signs? Well, let’s start from forgetting, being constantly nervous, loosing things, getting hurt or sick- Indian believed all those signs shouldn’t be neglected if those repeat regularly.

Stop for a moment, give yourself time, think over- what you want, what you need and what makes you happy. And then- arrange your world accordingly. It is your life, your destiny and your destiny is be happy and peaceful.





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