Toxic friends

Sometimes friendships form from negative roots. A lot of us have had friendships develop because we felt lonely and just wanted someone to hang out with, sometimes the life situation like moving, starting new school or job, getting a baby or married- puts us in the environment we need to adjust to and make friends with whomever available despite the fact, that under normal circumstances we would never choose those people to play any role in our life.

toxic friends

We all have friendships that I kept because we only wanted to see the good times, and was in denial that we didn’t have anything in common anymore… – it comes visible when you change the job/go back to work, move again, start new school. We all tend to maintain friendships that sucked the life out of us, but because those people had stuck with us through our hard times, we feel like we should listen to her/his negativity and complaining… every day.


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