Making a day worth living

Having difficulties making a day worth living? Oh, we all do sometimes…

make a day worth living

How to change today or tomorrow to a better day?

Why don’t you check those out:

  1. Got up early
  2. Think of 5 things you are grateful for (parents, friends, work, relationship, sun, nice house, really anything)
  3.  Plan and do sth productive (make an order, paint, etc)
  4. Do sth funny
  5. Do a small nice thing for someone else
  6. Look into the sun, close your eyes, open slowly
  7. Exercise- do some sport, no matter what, just few exercises will be enough or go for a short walk
  8. Try to make someone else smile
  9. Plan a new thing you want to learn- don’t limit your desire
  10.  Before going to bed thing of sth nice that will put a smile on your face

Practice this every now and then. Is it simple- oh, yes it is, but works, doesn’t it? 😉

One thought on “Making a day worth living

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