Happy day with kids- possible! Of course

Being a parent is not an easy task. Being a working parent uhhhh that is even more difficult. Being a working parent of small kids with some relationship/work problems…. looks like normal life of many of us…


happy day with kidsOnly sometimes before we go to bed, we start wonder- why wasn’t I nicer to my kids?!?Aren’t they the most important people? Don’t I love them the most?

And then, we fall asleep promising tomorrow will be a better day. And better tomorrow never comes…

Today some tips on how to change an  average day to a happy day with kids

1. Do Eskimo nose- kisses in the morning after getting up

2. Tickle your 3-4 times during the day

4. Basket- race in the shopping mall

5. Tell him/her a small secret

6. Sing together while driving

7. “Make a face” competition- funny, horrible, disgusting etc

8. Embrace without a reason

9. Jump together on the bed for couple of minutes

10. Say “I love you”, “I am proud of you” before your child falls asleep


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