I am truthly amused by the fact how many unhappy people turn to me. On days like today, after having a week full with new clients sessions I really wonder are there still happy people out there?
And you know what amuses me the most?
The fact that I am sure that each of my client at the age of 4-5 was a completely happy honest and balanced child capable of bursting from joy, positive amusement and simplest happiness every single day. At the age of 30 the same people are unable to tell me what made them happy the last time and can’t say what would they like in life.
Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not a psychotherapist or psychiatric, and I don’t think that most of people I met it need it. I am just a person that helps you find what makes you happy and will get you there. It is a great job because I see people happier and most balanced day by day, but it still makes me wonder what happens to all of them between they are 5 and 30-35 years old…

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