Self promotion- simple ways

Are there certain things in your career that simply needs to be done if you think of not staying at your current position for next 40 years…?

Oh, yes there are, below few examples:

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1. Always know how to answer simple question “what do you actually do?” not matter if it is someone from a place you work or complete stranger. Be prepared for a right answer

2. Advertise your strengths. Is there sth you are really good at and you like it? Tell about! Don’t keep it a secret- friends, friends of your friends, former collages can be a great source of recommendations

3. Delegate. You don’t have to do everything yourself. There are other people (often much more free than you, often more experienced or simply waiting for a chance). Delegate, delegate, delegate.You need to know the difference between the things you should be spending your time on and the things you shouldn’t if you are planning to improve your career

4. Your career is not a part of negotiations with anyone. This is sth you want and you have a right for it, don’t let other people push you down or transfer they doubts on you. You are not them, you are individual

5. Learn to be comfortable with asking for feedback and negative feedback. It is important to take criticism seriously but not personally. If you want to grow, you need to know where you are not so good at, naturally you can always filter the criticism, and choose only this you want/can work on.

7. Learn to say no. Everyone needs to say no from time to time. I is normal. Practice saying no to your boss, always provide sensible explanation why not

8. Work on your weakness if you need those in your future job. remember that you can’t hide those for long enough. Learn from sth you are not so proud of and share it during your interview

9. Make sure your online presence shows what your future boss should see… remember that very often it is the first impression someone gets about you. Make sure your facebook, instangram, twitter and linkedin accounts are what they should be


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