Powerful and underestimated tool when searching for a new job

Summertime is ending… most of us had a nice holidays and some rest. Some people however didn’t want to come back to their workplaces. And those are now thinking if to change, to stay, what to do?

business coaching

career coaching

In coming days I will post tips for CVs, I would really like all those people that are thinking of a change to prepare/work on their CV according to those tips.

Career coaching is a discipline comprised of two tracks: coaching and counseling. Coaching helps clearing up (answers the question: what should/could you do). And counseling is more about tools that can be used to achieve it (how do I get there).

CV is one of very basic but powerful tool we use when applying for a a job- no matter internal, external, opening your own business and searching for partners etc.
It needs to be well prepared.

A year ago I was still interviewing and hiring people, nowadays I am often being hired by companies to verify/select candidates, and I organize online job fairs…. believe me, there are thousands horrible CVs out there

I created a post with some CV tips that I highly reccommend to read for everyone that  is thinking about changing a job. Good CV  is the right away- that is the “door” to the interview you for the job you are applying for


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