Making a change

business coachChange is can be really hard, scary and most of us try to avoid it at all costs. No matter if it relates to our work (I am not gonna do it different way! what’s the point? it won’t be better? it always worked like this!) or private life (should I break up? what if I won’t find anybody better? will I have the money? won’t I hurt him/her?).

The truth is that we all are use to to stay inside our comfort zone. That’s not surprising, it’s how the adaptive parts of our brain work. And after all comfort zone is being called comfort zone for a reason! it is comfortable to do as little as possible, to always follow the same route, not to think, not to risk, not to worry…. just… complain?

The hard truth is that if you want to grow, you need to step out from your comfort zone and embrace the unknown. You must as it won’t happen itself. You shouldn’t spend years waiting for someone else to come and change your life (sounds familiar, doesn’t it?)

My life begun at the edge of my comfort zone. I am sure it is the same with everyone. In order to grow, learn and achieve your goals you need to create a habit of always pushing yourself past that which feels comfortable.You want to change position- fine, but you will need to do some networking you didn’t do so far, or you will need to learn how to speak publicly, how to manage your time better etc

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