brocze24There are those days when I feel tense. It’s not visible in my professional life, but I found it annoying in my private life.

I decided I need to figure out what is the reason for this.

I started to put few (5-7) sentences describing particular day into my normal calendar for about 6 weeks. And marked the days when I felt tension that according to me had no rational source.

It is sth different when you get angry because someone says sth stupid about you, you got stacked in the traffic jam when it was absolutely the worse time for it, you had to go to the dentist etc then when you get up in the morning after having fairly good night and you feel- well, today is not your day.

Once I had the 6 weeks of data I started analyzing, reduced examples described above above, reduced hormonal changes related PMS, reduced even Moon cycles…. and not much outcome… I waited for a week and return to analyzing from different side.

I started to check what activities I had in my calendar, what did I do prior tension appeared. When that didn’t help I started to search for what I didn’t do.

And then I found it!!!

Once I had more than 8 weeks data I found tension constrain and it was simple- in 7-10 days prior tension appearance I have constantly no rest, time for myself, time for my soul, time to stop and think of nothing or at last not to think about next thing to do, time to relax, to sing, dance- to recharge my inner energy.  No time to think what I did was good during last week, what was wrong, where would I like to improve, how do I feel about it? Time to let things go, time to smile and rest, time to look at blue sky, sun, grass, time for NOTHING-time for EVERYTHING

I can’t tell you how happy I am with finding this, now I schedule a rest time every 3 days for at last 2 hours. I put it in as same as it would be a session with a client or taking kids for a birthday party. And you know what? No tension days for 4 weeks!!!

What about you? How do you deal with your tension? How often does it occur, does it disturb you?


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