Acceptance and letting go

coachingNot every situation can be changed (e.g. argument with a boss), none can be reversed (e.g. death of a parent) or experienced twice the same way (e.g. child’s birth). Can it?

What’s more each of us faced a moment when we realize that now I can’t move forward, the only thing that can be done is really to step back. How often do we ask- oh my….and now what?

It’s takes a while to learn to accept. Accept unknown, accept uncertainty, unreliability, improbability.

Try accepting…

Once you accept, you immediately become peaceful and more balanced. Even if you don’t like particular situation to much, even if you were afraid what it may bring…

How to accept? “Play” in your head the worse scenario of this particular situation (it shouldn’t take more than 5-10 min, don’t focus on 1000 details for hours, just general picture) and accept it. Say, “ok, if that will be the case, let it be. I will deal with it once it happens. Only then”.

You will see that balance and peace will come right away.

Somehow realizing that we can’t change each and every situation almost immediately ends our over-controlling activities and brings not only happiness from all good we had so far but also appreciation of HERE and NOW.

There is no perfect road to follow, sometimes we just need to let the things go… and enjoy our life exactly as it is.



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