Thank you for not believing in me


business coaching

Today sth very private, very special… when a year, two years ago I communicated that I will follow my passion in life and I will open a coaching company there were so many people not believe in me…  And I really couldn’t figure out why. 

Today I look at those times with a smile and the only thing I can say is:

Thank you for not believing in me!

Have you ever heard by coincidence (of course!) someone say something about your work that felt like  well…a piece of a shit? Where you were shocked how downright ignorant and mean it was? Most of us somehow understands that learning to deal with criticism is an essential part of life/work/relationship/family life, somehow that knowledge doesn’t always help us emotionally, right? This “I am not good enough feeling” sitting there in the darkest corner of your mind and becoming active only those moments when you would like to do sth different, sth new, sth crazy or simply change your life/work/family life/ relationship today… Words can kill. 

I remember how frustrated I was with fighting not only my own black thoughts but convincing others that I can do it…. and then finally a day has come when I said,  don’t care what others will say, isn’t it my life/ my business/ my money and my time?  Non of my projects ever failed, I was sure that if I prepare myself well enough, then react fast enough and simply work every day, I have to achieve success. Ok, it wasn’t always easy, and I had to learn a lot, work a lot (much more than I thought I will), but finally it all worked fine! And after sometime I realized that what drived me in the most difficult moments was the thought- “I won’t show them that they were right, that I wasn’t cut out for this, that I should be small and miserable… “

Thank you for not believing in me!



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