Mental detox

mental detox

Summer time is coming and most of us start to be anxious about how do we look like. For some of us it is obvious that the way we look like depends highly from how we feel. To become beautiful we all need to take care of our mind, which in most cases mean change our way of thinking.

If you feel it is time for change and time to become beautiful it is high time for a mental detox!

A recipe for a great mental detox:

  1. Calm your thoughts– calm down before you start thinking of what is important for you, start from being just with yourself for an hour of two- don’t cook, clean, watch TV, talk on the phone. Go to the park, sit on a bench and just look at the nature.
  2. Cut off the past– if you want to move forward and be happy you need to cut off from all bad things that happened in the past, cut off from pain and sorrow. You don’t have to forget about what happened, just for now, close all bad things in the cupboard- it all can stay there for a week or two.
  3. Change your daily rhythm– that will help you get out of old routine and implement new activities. Implement new daily rhythm straight away, it will keep your “change for better” rolling. Sometimes all you need is a small change- like bicycling instead of watching TV after supper, or fruits for breakfast or walk with best friend
  4. Risk by “following just one way”- we all love having a possibility to choose from many, paradoxically that what limits us the most. Have the courage to select one and resign from two. Only when you definitely cut off from old possibilities  you will be able to open for NEW that is to come
  5. Take care of yourself– be important to yourself. I am sure your everyday “to do” list is long, but did you ever prepared “to do for myself”? I am pretty sure that the answer is no. Remember if you are not important for yourself, how can you expect others to treat you as you would be important? Do sth only for yourself. At last once a day. Have a rest, relax the way you love. This way you will find a balance with your own emotions and needs.

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