9 most important CV tips

I mentioned before that I approach career coaching as a discipline comprised of two tracks: coaching and counseling. Coaching helps clearing up what should/could I do. And counseling is more about tools that can be used to achieve it.

One of very powerful tools is the basic one we use when applying for a a job- no matter internal, external, opening your own business and searching for partners etc. CV needs to be prepared.

And needs to be prepared right.

A year ago I was still interviewing and hiring people, and believe me, you wouldn’t believe how horrible CVs can be….
In coming posts I decided to focus on some tips about creating CV the right away- that is the “door” to the interview you for the job you are applying for.

CV tips- 1- Good template

Find good (simple, elegant,modern ) CV template. There are plenty of those on the internet. Choose searching via picture and choose the one that fits you. It should always include our picture  and personal data, don’t forget about contact data.

CV tips- 2- Keep it professional!

Your resume is a business document, so it must be professional. It is not a place for smiles, gimmicks, pictures, or funny e-mail addresses.
People often think that they look great in their picture or that the e-mail address is funny. Answer yourself- if you were to hire someone would you search for professional and reliable or funny…?
Being funny is not CV requirement. Also you may think it looks great, but your employer may disagree. Stick to the facts and keep it professional!

CV tips- 3- Make it targeted

What does it mean? It is pretty simple- it each job posting you will find responsibilities and requirements listed. Put as many of those to your CV as it is true is your case.

Employer says:
SAP ERP knowledge,
detail oriented,
very communicative, fluent English

put it all in your CV (but only if it is true )

The more targeted your resume is, the better you have at landing an interview. Employers want to know exactly what you can do for their company. It is important you tailor each resume to each job (it will only take a few sentences to do this). Get rid of any information that is not required for a particular job. This will alleviate the tendency to overcrowd your resume with too much irrelevant information.

CV tips-4- Make sure no spelling mistakes and that it is well-written

A well-written, short but concise resume will make a greater impression with your employer than a long winded “padded” resume.
Use positive action words such as: enhanced, influenced, restructured, and attained. This will add that extra boost to your resume.
Your CV needs to focus on your key skills and achievements.
Words such as “hard worker,” “reliable” and “ambitious” with no actions in CV showing this can have a detrimental effect on your CV.

Run a spell check, and give CV for someone to check it . Human mind is not pre-programmed for mistake checking, brain expects a message that was already created, 3rd person is an absolute must. If you have no one you can trust I will review it.

CVs have plenty of spelling mistakes, and to be honest the message that comes from it is- it will be a poor worker, he/she didn’t pay enough attention to check correctness of a very basic document- what kind of work quality should we expect? Poor.

CV tips- 5- self promotion

Your CV is a marketing document. Promote and sell yourself. No need to be scared to sell your skills, accomplishments, and abilities. You know usage of 5 designing programs, can code- create computer skills sections and write it don. You have no references, write that you are open for a free test project. You managed a team of 20 people, completed very difficult long and critical project- write it down. Remember if you don’t tell the employer, no one else will.

Focus on what you can offer the business rather than what the business can offer you.

Emphasize skills that the job is asking for.

CV tips- 6- Quality over quantity

Quality not quantity! Your resume is not a life story. Stick to the facts— using irrelevant data, waffling, and padding your resume are detrimental. Let your skills and experience do the talking for you.

CV tips- 7- Use correct fonts, keep it simple

Forget about fancy fonts or clever uses of italics. Keep it simple. Your resume is not meant to be a work of art to be displayed on the wall. Not only can it be hard to read, but there are multiple scanning software programs that might be unable to read it, meaning it will end up being deleted before even being opened. Using Arial, Times New Roman or Tahoma is good and safe solution. Basic word formatting.

CV tips-8- Keep it consistent

Be sure your resume is written in a commonsense way—in order, logical, and easy to read. Be consistent throughout your resume with your margins, fonts, and line spacing. Don’t be scared to accentuate your skills or achievements with a different style of font or by using a bold font (but remember keep it simple. There is a fine line of going overboard when using different font styles). Consistency shows professionalism.


CV tips—9 – Don’t mention money and family status

Unless you are directly asked about money, do not mention it. Keep your cards close to your chest. Do not rule yourself out before you even begin because of money. Same about family, you are married with no children- your employer will surely think that soon you will want to have one. You have one and it is small- on no- it will be sick, you will be on sick leave a lot. Don’t give this information unless asked directly. Give yourself a chance to hire you even if…

You have created a CV, but not sure if it is a good one? Don’t hesitate to contact me: jbrodziewska@gmail.com or jadwiga@businesscoachbudapest.com tel 06305393535

Remember first session is always for FREE and one session may be all you need!


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