Why small entrepreneurs need a coach more than others?

It was coaching tWhy small entrepreneurs need a coach more than others?at helped me to identify what’s important to me and drop what’s not. It was coaching that allowed me to explore what I’m passionate about and build a business from it. It was coaching that helped me grow that business into the multi-faceted brand it is now.

What about you? Do you need coaching at all? Why business and not life coaching? Your business is your life and is all personal…

Let’s say that you’ve taken the leap and started your business (yay!). You have the idea, you are just unsure if you can really do it. You’ve read all the blogs, attended needed courses, paid for building a webpage and  now you’re really ready to apply everything you know….

But then, somewhere down the line, you hit a block. The clients aren’t showing up as quickly as you need them to, you’re putting your stuff out there but not seeing the traction. It’s confusing, overwhelming and downright scary. You need to pay the accountant, rent the office,.. You start to wonder if you’ve made a terrible mistake. Maybe you’re not cut out for this after all.

The truth is, you are cut out for this. You just need a little support. 

There are a ton of resources out there on setting up and running a business. You can type a search into Google and easily find help in the practicalities of growing your business. But building a creative, purpose-driven business requires more than that. Your business is an extension of you so it makes sense that to build something successful, you need to develop your business and yourself.

And that is the point where you need a coach. Coach will:

  • Work with you on providing accountability
  • Create a space and time to explore ideas
  • Support to get out of your own way, do to things better
  • Makes the time to focus on your own business
  • Gives clarity and focus without judging

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