Positive attitude

Several years ago, I seriously questioned just how much difference something as soft as ‘attitude’ could make to a person getting what they want.  I seriously thought that – not much compared to the ‘hard facts’ of life. Doing your job day by day is a best way.

Michael F.Scheier (research psychologies at Carnegie University) proves that positive minded people are better problem solver, face and accept realities. His research shown that people with positive attitude face and accept realities faster and better, often engage in health promoted behaviors, sleep better, avoid illnesses.

Attitude can build or destroy.

I have spent fair amount of time on the hiring side of the interview table. I have never, and would never, hire any applicants who did not exude a positive and enthusiastic attitude about their work and life in general.

People in the hiring seat are smart people and can usually tell if you’re putting it on or if this is the real you. It’s just not that hard to see…


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